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Welcome World Wide Web Wranglers to Wrong Way West (3W Ranch)
Hey neighbor, my name is Dan Gray. My wife Karen and I have been focused on rebuilding our ranch now that the kids are acting more independant. We thought it might be interesting to share our challenges as we go, so please feel free to drop in. There's lots to be done.. 

Girls hanging out at 3W Ranch

Front and center is Coco Rosa and her mom Isabella Rosa.  Coco is the first female alpaca born here at 3W ranch, we were so excited to see her then we realized she couldn't walk.  Her front feet had been curled up while she was in the womb and the tendons were so tight that they stayed that way after birth.  My wife Karen told me a story about when she was a young girl they had a calf that was born that way.  They had to straighten the feet out and splint the calfs legs for several weeks till the tendons got strong enough to support the weight of the animal.  So about an hour after Coco was born I carefully uncurled her little hoofs and splinted them with Dilly Bar sticks ( from Dairy Queen :) their like big wide popsicle sticks.  It was awkward walking but she could stand with help.  This was a good thing cause then Isabella could feed her.  The next few days were bitter-sweet Coco is such a beautiful little girl it was hard to imagine her going through life crippled.  After three days she started putting weight on her front feet and we could tell she was trying to walk.  I took the splints off to see what would happen, her feet stayed in the straight position and she stood up.  For the next few days she was wobbly but she could walk!  I think it was about ten days before we saw her run and after that she was running everywhere :) 

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Lake Sunset
Springtime 2008 The kids were camping, they were lucky to have a camera ready.