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It's been four years since we stocked the lake with catfish. They're getting big enough to sell. We usually sell live fish to local catchout ponds where fishermen can pay to fish.  We try to hang on to the larger ones for breeding stock although they really like it when we throw a few big ones in, it keeps their customers coming back for more.

It's not all work

Sometimes we stop and play too.  Here my niece and her friend are fishing from kayaks.  They haven't caught any yet, but later that afternoon they had better luck.  (probably because we feed the fish in the evening)

Wet spot where fish live.


Heres a good one :)
3/2/08 The water is warming up and the fish are starting to bite.(The BIG ONES are still waiting)

Luke's going for a ride, Dan says "WET KIDS ARE COOLER".


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